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The Work of The Firm

The firm is based in Sunderland city centre and most of our work is for local individuals. While most cases are dealt with under  Legal Aid funding, we are happy to act for defendants who do not qualify for public funding and will endeavour to agree fees prior to their cases being determined. Our rates are competitive and usually recoverable from central funds if a not guilty verdict is achieved.

Mr Armstrong is a solicitor with 40 years of experience and deals with all aspects of criminal law.

Mr Paul Armstrong is a Legal Executive engaged in attending clients and witnesses at local Crown Courts and supporting barristers who are instructed by the firm to represent our clients in these courts.

Police Station Attendance

We operate a 24 hour Police Station Service. If a client is arrested and detained at a local Police Station we are committed to attending as a matter of urgency. We will ensure that our client is well informed and supported when feeling most vulnerable and powerless. We will obtain and advise upon the evidence disclosed by the investigating officers and ensure that the client is informed about the quality of the case against them and how they should proceed when interviewed.

If identification procedures are carried out we will advise and represent our client's best interests.

We will make representations about bail to the custody officer where necessary and, if appropriate, we will pursue the possibility of police caution (reprimand or final warning) as an alternative to a charge.

Magistrates' Courts and Youth Courts

Our solicitors will meet clients at court, obtain details of their cases and advise on the availability of legal aid funding. If legal aid is not available an estimate of our private fees will be given.

We will ensure that the client has sufficient information and understanding of the case before entering a plea or deciding on whether to ask for the case to be dealt with at the Magistrates' Court or the Crown Court, if more appropriate.

Our solicitors conduct most of our Magistrates' Court cases themselves. If we are unable to do so we instruct specialist, criminal law barristers in our place.

If a client is unhappy at the decision of the Court we will give advice on possible appeal.

Crown Court

More serious cases are dealt with at Crown Court and in such cases we usually instruct local barristers to represent the client. We have excellent links with specialist, criminal law chambers in the area and review our lists of counsel on a regular basis as part of our quality standard maintenance.

We will attend and support our clients at conference and hearing with counsel. This includes prison conferences where necessary.

If a client is unhappy with the decision of the Court we will instruct the barrister to advise on the prospects of a successful appeal.

Business & Professional Crime

We represent clients in connection with allegations of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and proceeds of crime cases.

Non Police Prosecutions

We represent clients who are being investigated by organisations such as The Department of Work and Pensions, the RSPCA, The National Probation Service and local authorities.

Very High Costs Case Contract (VHCC)

Gerald Armstrong & Company was awarded a VHCC Contract by The Legal Services Commission in 2008. This means that we are able to conduct highly complex and time consuming cases with the benefit of legal aid funding.

If you would like to speak to us about your requirements please contact Mr. Armstrong.

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